Study: Male jurors are more likely to convict obese women

Male jurors are sizing up women, study

A new study finds that male jurors are more likely to convict an obese woman.  The same can't be said for  obese men.  The study was done by Yale University.  Researchers asked 471 study participants to look at photos of four people -- an obese woman, a lean woman, an obese man, and a lean man -- and to rate their likelihood of being guilty of an imaginary check fraud crime.

According to the study, men were much more likely to say they believed the obese woman was guilty than the lean woman. Women did not display this type of discrimination.  The findings were "disappointing but not entirely surprising," said lead researcher. Men tend to judge women more harshly than men, and women tend to be more sympathetic.

ABC News spoke with the president and CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, Lynn Grefe.  She says she finds the results disappointing, but not surprising,  "I think it's one more nail in the coffin of how painful it is for people that are of larger sizes," Grefe, told ABC News. "These people could be healthy. We're judging people. We're making stereotypes. We did this with race years ago. We did it with religion."


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