Roy Rogers restaurants expanding in Maryland

Ever wonder where all the Roy Rogers restaurants disappeared to back in the 90's?  We have the answer, plus how the restaurant chain is making a comeback.

When I got an email from my friends at Maroon PR about Roy Rogers restaurants expanding in Maryland, I immediately went back to my childhood, sitting in a booth at the restaurant, chowing down on my burger with my family.  Roy's was part of our Friday night take out rotation and it sucked when they began disappearing in the 90's.

But good news for fans of the chain, they're coming back!  Jim Plamondon and his brother bought the brand in 2002, with a goal of opening two to six restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region over the next five to 10 years.  Woo hoo!!

Click on the video to hear Jim talk about what happened to the Roy's restaurants in the 90's, all the delicious menu items they have to offer, plus how your kids can eat for free.

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