Maryland SPCA makes bet with animal shelter in San Francisco

Maryland SPCA needs 'likes'

BALTIMORE - While the Ravens and the 49ers get ready to battle it out in the Super Bowl, animal shelters in both cities start a wager of their own... and you get in on the action!

Take a look at Lieutenant.  This little kitten needs a home!  He's at the Maryland SPCA, a place we are asking you  like.  

The Maryland SPCA has a friendly wager with the humane Society in San Francisco.  They want to see who can get more likes on Facebook.

Right now our animal shelter has more than 11,000.  San Fran is ahead by about 2,000.  Tell everyone you know!  If you like them on facebook, not only are you helping them in this competition... but you also find out about great things in the community and see all the adorable pets who need homes.

If you are interested in adopting a pet like Lieutenant, the Maryland SPCA is open all weekend! LIKE them here:

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