Almost 40 years of delivering babies at GBMC

Dr. Victor Khouzami reflects on career

Having a baby is not what it used to be.  It's safer and there are more choices.  Modern medicine can do wonders, but it can't change that it is still unpredictable and stressful. 

One person who knows that well is Dr. Victor Khouzami.  He has delivering babies for almost 40 years and most of his career has been at GBMC.

"It was a totally different campus when I started," he tells ABC2 News.  "The commitment to women's health has always been a consistent." 

Dr. Khouzami's office is full of pictures that parents have sent him over the decades.  He is surrounded by photographs of chubby cheeks and pink newborns. 

The one birth that is the most memorable is when he delivered quintuplets 18 years ago.  He still keeps in touch with that family.

Dr. Khouzami thinks the hospital can go great places, especially when it comes to women's healthcare.  He would like to see the Labor & Delivery unit get even bigger than it is today and he wants to be part of it. He has no plans to retire. 

"I plan to be here forever," he laughs. 


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