A success story: GBMC twins thrive after rough start

Babies get needed care in NICU

At GBMC, the strongest fighters are in the smallest bodies. 

If you need proof, just look around the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  Those who know it well, call it NICU.  One Baltimore County couple spent a lot of time there after their twin sons, Joseph and Eli were born at 32 weeks. 

"When you see them it's shocking.  They are so tiny and hooked up to oxygen with tubes all over their bodies.  It was heart-wrenching," their mother, Deirdre Bernstein said. 

The couple describes the time after their twins were born as a blur. 

"It was hard to go home and leave the boys in NICU, but we knew they were getting the best possible care,"Joseph Bernstein told ABC2 News.

With the help of doctors and nurses, they were able to feed, diaper, and spend time with them even with the challenge of tubes and machines.  Joseph was in NICU for two weeks, Eli was there for a month.

Now those boys are big and healthy and their parents are busy juggling two spirited 1-year-olds and their sister, Elizabeth, 3. They say their sons are healthy and here today because of the care they received at GBMC's NICU.  

They say they will always give back to the hospital by participating in the annual Father's Day Run to raise money for the NICU.  They are also going to be part in the hospital's reunion at Shawan Downs for Legacy Chase.  On Sept. 28, they will try to get as many babies as possible born at GBMC for a group photograph.



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