Woman claims lid of coffee came off, spilled on her in drive-thru window

Another lawsuit over hot coffee spilled

GRETNA, La. - We've seen this play out in courts before. Someone spills hot coffee on themselves, they sue. A woman from Louisiana has filed a lawsuit against Burger King for injuries she claims came from hot coffee spilled on her.

In the suit obtained by The Louisiana Record, Kathleen Perez says an employee at a Burger King restaurant handed her a cup of coffee through a drive-thru window.  She claims the lid of the coffee fell off and hot coffee spilled on her.  The lawsuit says Perez claims to have suffered serious burns to her arm, chest and stomach.  She also claims the employee used a wet, cold napkin on her skin while she was going through physical distress.

The Louisiana Record reports that Perez is accusing the fast-food chain of not securing the coffee cup lid and serving coffee at an extreme scalding temperature, among other claims.

The lawsuit doesn't specify how much Perez is seeking in damages.

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