Wisconsin politician calls Kwanzaa a fake holiday

A Wisconsin state senator is getting heat over his criticism of the celebration of Kwanzaa according to a CNN report. Glenn Grothman calls it a "fake" holiday.

He also calls its founder, professor Ron Karenga, a racist. Supporters of the holiday say Grothman's comments are outlandish.

But he isn't backing down.

"We've got to remember that Kwanzaa was something that was thought up by a radical person who was a leader of a sect that wound up murdering a couple black panthers and being very violent towards women of his own sect," said Grothman. "Whatever Dr. Karenga did, it is unfortunate that they are using it to denigrate the Kwanzaa holiday and the principles that it espouses."

The holiday was started in 1966 and is about giving thanks, good fortune and maintaining strong communities.

Information from CNN.


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