USPS looking for additional revenue; creating men's clothing line

USPS coming out with clothing line

Coming to New York's Fashion Week 2014: United States Postal Service.

In desperate need of other revenue streams, the USPS has announced its teamed up with an Ohio-based clothing company to create an apparel line called "Rain Heat and Snow," according to Yahoo News.

This won't be just your average t-shirt, jeans and sweaters line.  A USPS spokesperson says the clothes will be "wearable electronics."  For example, you'll be able to control your iPod with buttons built into the sleeve.

The clothes will be for all-weather and all-seasons and made just for men.  The agency hopes to launch a women's line down the road.

The USPS spokesperson tells  Yahoo News that the new apparel line isn't just to make additional revenue, it's to promote the USPS brand and create brand awareness.


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