St. Bernard Project rebuilding NOLA homes

After Katrina, the water in the New Orleans East neighborhood reached a level of eight feet, up to the height of roofs here.

Many of the houses still have not been restored since the hurricane, but thanks to the St. Bernard Project, one more family is going to be moving back in.


Their three-bedroom home sits just a few blocks from Lake Pontchartrain.

The first step when workers from the St. Bernard Project got here was to make sure it could be restored.

"There aren't too many critters roaming around, the water hasn't done too much damage to the framing, generally we have to replace a good amount of the load-bearing studs," said Larson Weinstein, the site supervisor for this home.

That initial work has all been taken care of by professional plumbers, electricians and framers.

On Thursday, the job for workers and volunteers consisted mostly of "mudding."

"Basically we're taking all the individual sheets of drywall and we're blending them all together with a joint compound to make your walls look line one steady wall," Weinstein said.

This is the seventh home he has worked on for the St. Bernard Project.  He's originally from Anne Arundel County, and graduated from Gilman High School.

He's a Ravens fan, so on Sunday he'll be watching the Super Bowl.  But Monday he'll be right back at the home; he says it should be finished in about a month.

"It's definitely a job where you've got to embrace the chaos," he said.  "I think I'm here for the long run."

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