Social media site plans on giving tweets "low" or "high" value rankings

Twitter to start ranking value of tweets

Avid Twitter users know this all too well; some of your followers have great, interesting, engaging tweets.  And then there are the ones that post about what they made for dinner.

You'd love to tell those people, "Your tweet is boring!"  Well, now that may become a reality.  According to the Huffington Post, Twitter is going to publicly assign a value to each tweet.

The company says tweets will be valued at low, medium, high or none.  A "none" value will be for spam tweets or ones that don't make sense.

The Huff Post article says that Twitter has not shared how it plans to rank a tweet's value.  One web expert suggests it may use things like shares, views and the popularity of a user as factors.  The change could take effect as early as next week.


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