Single mother looking to pay it forward in NOLA

NEW ORLEANS - Cassandra Scott is a single mother. She has been out of her home since Hurricane Katrina. She has been relying on the kindness of friends and family to take her and her children in  for the last seven years.

The storm destroyed her home and her dreams of being a homeowner too.

"It was horrific, the water level was up to here, and we had mold everywhere," Cassandra said as she pointed halfway up the wall to show where the water was. 

Cassandra tried to rebuild, but every time she did, looters broke into her home and wrecked it.

"I sheet-rocked three times, wired the house twice. They even broke in and stole the air conditioner," she said. 

Just when things were looking their worst, hope came in the form of a phone call from the St. Bernard Project.

"When I got the call and they asked if I was still interested in their help, my heart started beating so fast," she said.

Now her house is in the process of getting needed funding. She says, "having the St. Bernard Project build my house is like winning the lottery, the Power Ball."

After she has her home built, Scott says she plans to pay it forward and help someone else build a home.

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