Remembering the Sandy Hook victims one week later

Country takes moment of silence Friday morning

NEWTOWN, Connecticut - Today marks the one week anniversary of that massacre.

People are taking the time to stop and pay tribute to the 26 lives lost and leaving behind flowers, candles, stuffed animals and personal messages.

All across the country, and here locally a moment of silence will be observed this morning at 9:30.

Bells across Connecticut will toll 26 times at 9:30 this morning, marking the exact moment when terror invaded sandy hook elementary school.

Governor Dan Malloy called for a moment of silence at that hour and asked places of worship and buildings with bells to ring them once for every victim shot to death inside the school.

Clergy in other states say they'll do the same to honor the victims, and many governors asked residents to observe a moment of silence.

On Thursday friends and family said goodbye to four more children—6-year-olds Catherine Hubbard, Allison Wyatt, Jesse Lewis, and Benjamin Wheeler.

Teachers Lauren Rousseau and Anne Marie Murphy were also laid to rest. Murphy was found shielding some of her students.

During her service, Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York compared her sacrifices to Jesus.

Family members of 6-year-old Emilie Parker launched lanterns for each of the victims at a public memorial in Ogden, Utah last night after speaking about their loss.

The mother of the gunman, Nancy Lanza, was also remembered at a private service in New Hampshire attended by about 25 family members.

Attorney General Eric Holder visited Newtown yesterday- to meet with first responders and investigators.

Reporting from Wendy Gillette, ABC News