Norfolk man plays his saxophone for Inauguration attendees


Amongst hundreds of thousands, in the shadow of the monument, Talton Manning plays his passion.

Manning, who is from Norfolk, Va., brought his saxophone to the Inauguration and played for the people passing by on Constitution Avenue.

It was an appropriate time and place to play music, Talton said. Despite all the differences we may have, enjoying the music is something we can all share

"I just believe that music is so universal, it can connect with anybody. it could be someone that doesn't speak English, but they come and still appreciate the music, " he said.

Recently laid off and struggling to find work, manning decided to take matters into his own hands.

"This was better than putting in applications and just waiting for call back so I stepped outside and it helps," he said. "It's better than just sitting there."

He says it helps little by little to make ends meet, but what he's banking on is a college education.

"Music is what I go to school for, and is my passion," he said.

A passion that Manning gets to share with his largest audience yet. They may have all come to see the inauguration but what they get to take home is a bit of Mannings' heart.

"I love the connections that i make, a lot of the people, its just great encouragement," he said.

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