Mom: Sleeping son called me away from danger

INDIANAPOLIS - A dump truck lost control after blowing a tire on Interstate 465 on the south side Thursday morning and ended up crashing in a residential neighborhood.

The driver lost control and crashed through a sound barrier wall and then careened down an embankment into a neighborhood.

The truck plowed through a home's fence, across the yard and into another fence.

PHOTO GALLERY: Dump truck pushes tree into home

It hit a tree, and the impact pushed that tree into a house, right where homeowner Laura Miranda had been sitting only minutes earlier.

"Probably like three minutes, four minutes before this happened, I tried to turn on my computer, and for some reason I heard my son scream my name," Miranda told RTV6. "I go upstairs and I say, 'What? What do you want?' And he's sleeping. It was a surprise to me. I heard him call me."

Only the driver of the truck was injured, and he had cuts and bruises.

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