Kindergartner sent to detention because her parents got her to school late

Kid punished for parent's mistake

A kindergartner is put in detention, but not because she did anything wrong.  She's being punished because her parents didn't get her to school on time.

Six-year-old Brooke doesn't know why she had to eat lunch by herself, staring at a wall.  But her dad knows why.  According to KENS in Texas, Brooke was being punished because she had multiple tardies.

"It was my responsibility to get her ready and get her to school, and I failed that responsibility a couple of times," said Brad Loeffler.

Brooke attends an elementary school in Universal City, Texas.  The school recently started a policy that if a child is late to school multiple times, they will get one hour detention either after school or during lunch.  A representative for the school district says it might not seem fair, but it's working.

"They have been able to cut down the number of tardies way back, as much as 90 to 95% of the tardies," said Steve Linscomb of the Judson Independent School District.

Some parents tell KENS they think the policy should be changed and the parents should be punished, not the children.  The district recommends the parents talk with their children about the punishments and why they're happening.

Loeffler says he did feel bad for his daughter, and told her it wouldn't happen again.

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