Inmates suing beer companies, say they didn't know it could be addictive

Five Idaho inmates are suing  Budweiser, Miller and Jim-Beam for $1 billion.

CNN reports that Keith Brown and four other inmates trace all their social, professional, and legal problems back to the first time they got drunk.

Brown says it led to incarceration and addiction. Addiction he believes,  alcohol manufacturers failed to warn him about.

"I think for everyone it's axiomatic that alcohol is something that is something that is addictive and lowers your inhibitions," he said. "I can understand where people are looking at it and they're saying: That's just a BS lawsuit, you know?"

Brown likely understands more about this country's legal system  than most inmates.

He says he holds multiple law-degrees and used to own a paralegal company.

Brown is still waiting for an attorney to rally to his cause.

Information from CNN.

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