Group wants school to get rid of Jesus portrait

JACKSON, Ohio - A large portrait of Jesus Christ that hangs just behind the doors of a middle school is causing some controversy.

The image has been hanging at Jackson City Middle School since 1947.

It is part of their Hall of Honor.

There are almost 50 other pictures of distinguished alumni and other people who have made a difference in the school district hanging there.

Now there's a group who wants the picture taken down.

Erika Keaton who was a student at the school years ago wants the picture to stay up.

Her daughter is now a seventh grader at the school.

Keaton and hundreds of others want the picture to stay put. 

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says the school is publicly endorsing Christianity over other faiths.

They want the school to take the "necessary steps" to come into "compliance with the constitution" and take it down.

The school superintendent Phil Howard says the portrait is a gift from students and it should be allowed to stay.

He says the portrait will not be removed unless there are orders from the school board or a judge.





((Source: CNN news))