Crook sends anonymous note with stolen rings, signs it "dumb kid"

Thief returns jewelry 15 years later

15 years ago, a 16-year old's party at her parent's house got out of control.  It ended with several valuables being stolen including 4 rings.  Imagine that girl's surprise when all these years later, those rings resurfaced along with an apology note from the thief.

Margot Riphagen, 31, tells ABC News the party started with just a few friends in her Chicago house, then quickly grew out of hand.  "We immediately noticed stuff was missing," she told ABC News, "My parents actually turned me into the police."

So Riphagen was in shock when an anonymous note showed up to her mother's place of work, along with the 4 rings.  It was signed "Dumb kid who wants to right a wrong."  Riphagen and her family were relieved the jewelry was returned.

"We don't care who it was," Riphagen said.  "I was stupid when I was 16 and I'm sure they were too.  Somebody did it for the thrill of it, not for money."

The rings hold sentimental value.  Two belonged to Riphagen's mother and the other two were her grandparent's wedding rings.

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