Boss offering employees a 15% raise to get the company's logo tattooed on them

Get a tattoo, get a raise

How far would you go to show your loyalty to your company?  Some employees at a realty business in New York City are getting inked for a raise.

It started when one employee at Rapid Realty got a tattoo of the company's logo, owner Anthony Lolli told WCBS.  "I show up at the shop, and I'm like this is cool, how can I repay you?" said Lolli.

He decided to put the offer up to all of his employees: get a tattoo of Rapid Realty's logo and you'll get a 15 percent raise.  So far, 40 workers have walked into a tattoo parlor to get the logo inked on their skin.

Robert Trezza was the 40th employee to get the tattoo and he's only been working for Rapid Realty for a month.  "My wife was a little concerned," he said to WCBS, "But I said you know what, it was the best commitment that I could think of."

There are no size or location restrictions when getting the tattoo.

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