A woman says she was told she is "too fat" for a massage

Aurora, CO -  

What could be better  for your aching muscles, after finishing half marathon, than a massage?  
That's what a Colorado woman thought.
Laura Smith is over 6 feet tall and weighs about 250lbs.
She says she's had massages before without any problems, and when she finished her half marathon in Arizona, she couldn't wait to get a massage.
But, she left the place in tears because she says the doctor turned her away.
"She, the doctor, comes out and she says, 'I'm sorry but you're too fat for our tables. You're going to probably break a table and then you'd have to pay for it.' And I was like, in shock, like I'm hearing this?"
The tables are designed to hold 500lbs. 
The owner says she called Laura, "large," not, "fat," and was worried because a table broke under a 165lb man.
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