DWTS: Judges and everyone shocked by the latest couple to leave the show

Round 1 started with a "Judge's Challenge". Each judge was assigned a star to "challenge". I liked this spin on things. Ultimately, each star stepped up.

Len Goodman challenged Normani Kordei to do a "proper Viennese Watlz" for 12 bars, and boy did she ever. I don't normally associate Viennese Waltz with "hot", but Normani and Val Chmerkovskiy set things on fire with theirs. Normani was flawless, once again, and I'm now cheering for Team Normani and Val to be a team in real life, not just DWTS. The judges commented on a stumble that I didn't see. 36

The challenge that Julianne Hough put down for David Ross was to keep his tushy tucked. What I found amusing was that they put David in a tux with tails, so I couldn't even tell if his butt was tucked. David and Lindsay Arnold performed a lovely and classy Foxtrot. I still believe he's not on par with the other 3, but he is still a joy to watch. 34 While I find David adorable, the 9's he got from the lady-judges do not rank with the 9's Normani got.

Simone Biles was challenged by Carrie Ann Inaba to do a solo in her Jive, in an effort to show us the authentic Simone, and holy smokes it worked. I actually got the chills during her performance with Sasha Farber and Jives don't usually illicit chills from me. It was so great to finally see her let loose. I absolutely loved this performance and she absolutely deserved her perfect score. 40!!!  

Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater are probably my favorite pair. They've had a great partnership for the entire season, but after Bruno Tonioli's challenge, something changed. Bruno requested Rashad work on his arms and I don't know how or why that made such a huge difference in their chemistry, but they were phenomenal. I loved every second of their Rumba. 38!!

For Round 2, each star told their story in the pre-performance package, and used it as a theme.

Normani and Val absolutely crushed their Jazz. It was unbelievable. Normani is in the stratosphere. This Jazz left me speechless. I can't put into words the amazingness of this performance. 40

David and Lindsay's second performance was a Tango. It was fine, but didn't move me. I don't see David as a perfect score-getter. 36

Simone has made huge strides in one week of training. For someone who nails every move, it's hard to understand how there is any room to improve, but she has. I'm so impressed with her growth. Her Rumba was perfect. 40

Rashad's Quickstep with Emma was adorable. It was made for Rashad and really spotlighted his personality. He is my fave. 39. Maybe he get that "10 from Len" on Finals night!

Speaking of the Finals, Simone will not be there! It was quite a shocker, since she's a far superior dancer to David. Ultimately, I think David's personality and fan base got him through. Simone had a bit of a rough week last week and I think it came back to haunt her. She rubbed me the wrong way last week and I wasn't disappointed to see her go, but she is definitely more deserving of the Finals than David. If he lands anywhere but 3rd, I will be unhappy. You hear that, America?!


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