Plague Inc. By Ndemic Creations

Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations a game with a twisted type of goal. Kill everyone on Earth with a virus. 

While the idea is twisted, it's surprisingly non-violent visually. You would think images of chaos would be going across the screen. Instead you are looking at a map/space view of the earth.

Planes going from airport to airport in different countries and the same is for ships going to different ports; showing how your plague can spread.

There are 9 plagues to choose from, including everyone's favorite - a zombie virus.  Each plague can be modified by unlocking genetic codes that can be added. 

Newspaper headlines and real volume comparisons lend to the sense of urgency in trying to spread your disease. 

On the surface it looks like a game that was put together in a simple matter. Once you see how in-depth it goes and the variations and choices you have, you'll see how addictive it can be. 

For just a buck, it's a game you should definitely try out. Available for android and iPhone / iPad.

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