The day Dancing with the Stars fans have been waiting for. Jacoby and Dorothy take the stage

Our stars shine on DWTS

Los Angeles - Today was the day that DWTS fans have been waiting months for.  Before we got into our coverage for the day, I started off with a nice little run down Santa Monica boulevard.  It wasn't sunny or warm but I used the time to get ready for the big day.  Besides I knew once we started we wouldn't stop until the wee hours of the morning.

We ran into some diehard dancing fans staked outside the studio hoping to get seats.  They lined up at 930 Monday morning.  We interviewed them and even found a man from Pasadena Maryland in line hoping to get tickets.  We shot a wonderful story, came back to our hotel, got it ready, and got ourselves ready for the big night.

We had a few technical difficulties at 6, but we managed to work things out for later.  The most exciting part of the evening was going into the set and doing the press line.  That's where you get to met all the celebs and interview them.  It was pretty cool.  Dorothy Hamill was a wonderful lady.  She gave me a huge hug and said I can't believe Baltimore is here to cheer me on.  Hamill and Jacoby Jones both performed very well.  It was exciting to watch two people that I knew perform live in the show.

The competition is going to be tough but I expect our dancers to be around for awhile.  Other than the Disney star Zendya, I don't think anyone really came close to our Team Baltimore.

It's been exciting but incredibly long day!  I'm off to bed in a few hours I'll be up to get video of Dorothy and Tristan rehearsing and a few shots of Jacoby enjoying L-A.  Good night, or rather good morning it is 230am.







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