Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff wow judges with their salsa

BALTIMORE - It was a wild one on DWTS tonight. Everyone had 1 dance to do and the team that came in first was granted immunity. The remaining 6 pairs got to compete in dance-offs for an extra 3 points. There was a lot of fun, a lot of confusion and of course, a lot of dancing.

Jacoby Jones

Jacoby Jones kicked off the dancing and BOY did he kick off the dancing! He and Karina rocked a Salsa like nothing I've seen. My mouth was hanging open the entire time. Their lifts were unbelievable. The judges did nothing but praise and then gave nothing but 9's. Robbed. Where's the 10 paddle? 27 for Jones. And an A++ for Jacoby's mom! She was calling out Len from across the dance floor! She's going to get her own segment one of these weeks!


Ingo danced a Rumba tonight and I was expecting more from him. Bruno said, "They say 'Hips don't lie', but I wish yours did" and that pretty much sums it up. How does a soap star not have rocking hip action? Oh well. 22 for Ingo with his highest score coming from Len!


Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler danced a Samba and it sure was fun. She and Derek are a force to be reckoned with. They scored a 29 AND immunity for the night.  Argh.

Andy Dick

Andy Dick's Rumba was super cute and that was the problem with it. His interpretation of the "dance of love" was not quite sexy. I find him adorable each and every week and that's what keeps bringing him back. However, I hate to continue to agree with the judges this week, but he's really not on par with the others and his score of 17 proves it.



Aly danced a Salsa with an injured Mark. Poor Mark looked like he could barely walk after it. Aly, however, looked like she was genuinely enjoying herself.  Her salsa was a blast. 29.


Sean had a Rumba. I'm going to go ahead and call out his quality of movement, if I might. There was something weird about it. He was lacking fluidity. This was not his best performance. He got a 24.



Zendaya's Paso Doble was fabulous. She's really gorgeous on the dance floor, but man, every time she speaks it's obvious, she is only 16. A 27 for Zendaya.

This ended the first round of dancing. Kellie tied for the highest score of the night with Aly, but had the most cumulative points, so she won the tie-breaker for immunity. Kellie Pickler can not be voted off this week. For the dance-off round, one couple would choose the couple they wanted to compete against and the other couple would choose the style of dance. It's a little confusing, I know. Here's how things broke down...

Aly had the highest score after it was determined that Kellie had immunity. Aly chose to dance against Andy who picked the style of Cha Cha. Aly and Mark danced for 40 seconds followed by Andy and Sharna. You really didn't even need to watch to know who won this one. The judges unanimously picked Aly.

Next highest scorer was Zendaya who chose to compete against Jacoby who picked the style of Jive. They were both great. You could tell they were both working their butts off, but the judges unanimously went with Zendaya.

This pitted Ingo and Sean against each other with a Rumba. The same dance they both did earlier in the show. I will say, it did seem that both guys did better then they had earlier, but in the end, Ingo won.

Bottom line, the winners of the dance-off added 3 points to their score. Jacoby would have been tied for 2nd, but ended up in 3rd. Regardless, that boy ain't going anywhere any time soon! It is either Andy or Sean's time to go. I'm thinking Andy's fans might get him through one more week. Sean, say your goodbyes, no rose for you this week. 

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