Dorothy Hamill dancing through the pain and still smiling on stage

Team Baltimore takes the stage for second dance

LOS ANGELES - Week two turned out to be a lot more difficult for Dorothy Hamill than she had hoped.  The Olympic skating champion had been trying to dance through the pain but enough had become enough.  She could barely stand on her leg when she realized it was time to seek medical attention. Hamill learned her pain was actually a cyst on her spine.  It had gotten so bad she was learning the moves of the Jive by watching a video. 

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Saturday she was finally able to get back on her feet and do the moves.  She and partner Tristan MacManus put up a good front but the judges were able to see through the discomfort.  However Hamill isn't throwing in the towel.  She told me if voters continue to support TeamHamill she will continue to give it all she's got.

The other half of Team Baltimore was on a roll for his second dance.  Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff had a pretty good night upping their score from the previous week from 20 to 23.  Their jazz ensemble nearly jolted the judges out of their seats.  Jones told me after the show he's getting more comfortable but is a little concerned about their next dance, the Rumba.  Jones is worried his posture won't be up to Len's standards.

Somebody goes home Tuesday night but since their scores are high enough Team Baltimore doesn't appear to be in jeopardy this week.  Hang in there Jacoby, and Dorothy keep your chin up next week you'll be back in the groove.




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