Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus gearing up for round 2 on Dancing with the Stars

A look at Hamill behind the scenes

Los Angeles - Day three in L-A was a lot less stressful.  There was no early morning run, and still no sleep but I just I think it's this west coast time that's getting to me. 

Once Erik and I were up and ready to hit the road we had breakfast at the Farmers Market.  I can't say enough about that place.  It's a melting pot of all kinds of people and all kinds of food from several different ethnic backgrounds.  I always play it safe with turkey bacon, egg whites, and pancakes.  It was a great choice but way too much food.

Our first shoot today took us to Hollywood boulevard.  We were looking for people on star watch and for people wanting to become stars.  It turned out pretty good.  It will be on the news at 11.

The highlight of our day was hanging out with Dorothy Hamill and her dance partner Tristan MacManus.  She is lovely woman.  It's easy to see how her Olympic performance in 1976 captivated the world.  She is very quiet, yet warm.  When I met her last night she gave me a huge hug even though we hadn't met.  She was thrilled to have someone from Baltimore here to cheer her on.  She has a group of girlfriends she described as her Baltimore crew coming to cheer her one in two weeks.  She said that's if I'm still on the show.  I told her she would still be there.

Hamill is a huge Ravens fan!  She did the interview wearing a Jacoby Jones jersey that he autographed for her.  If she can't win she wants Jones to win.  She was as impressed with him as he was with her.

We talked about her recovery from breast cancer.  She is about 4 years out and still taking the medication.  You could see a little sadness in her eyes as she talked about her struggle..  It was when she talked about her inspiration that her face lit up.  Hamill's dear friend and skating colleague Kristi Yamaguchi was on the show while she was battling the disease.  Hamill says she's living proof that if she can be here learning to dance with a professional dancer, anyone can. 


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