Dancing With the Stars continues on, remembers Boston

BALTIMORE - I must admit, I was somewhat distracted watching Dancing with the Stars. Of course, my thoughts and prayers are in Boston. Especially with the one person I know there, who is safe. It is in my very humble opinion, that In times like these, we need silly shows like Dancing with the Stars to give us some distraction, a little levity and to show us that life does go on. Let's live it.

Len laid down a challenge for the stars tonight. They were to dance with a professional duo for a portion of their dance so the judges can compare the stars, side by side, with the pros. Here's how it went down.

Ingo danced a Foxtrot and his male counterpart was Tony. Either Tony really spooked Ingo, or he's not that good of a dancer. He looked pretty rigid tonight. It did not appear that he was having much fun with it. This was definitely a step down from last week. 21

Jacoby Jones was the light at the end of my tunnel today. He danced a Jive and had Maks by his side. What a duo! Karina choreographed a super fun and exciting dance and Jacoby delivered. Way to bring it! Jacoby got his first 9's of the season and ended up with a 26, which was the top score for a while.

Victor danced a Viennese Waltz and Tristan was his male pro. I'd call it adequate, but that's about it. It was nothing like his performance last week. He was lacking personality tonight. 21

I will call this Aly's best performance of the season. She had a good time and you could tell. I'm so pulling for Team Baltimore, that when other teams are good, I hate it! So consider that a compliment, Aly. 25

Sean stepped it up a notch. His Quickstep was pretty good and his male shadow was Tristan, tough shoes to fill! I'd say this was his best dance so far. 24

Oh for crying out loud. That Derek sure can pull some choreography out of his butt. I like to think that if I was a choreographer, I'd do it just like Derek. I'm going to be totally hokey and say that I was transported to another time watching Kellie's Foxtrot. Her female pro Ana must have provided a lot of motivation. Wonderful dance. 27

I thought D.L. had really turned a corner last week. A lot of couples excelled having another pro couple. D.L., not so much. I can pull for him no longer. 18

Zendaya's Argentine Tango was a thing of beauty. She was really spectacular. She scored a 29, with the first 10's of the season.

Andy Dick danced a Paso Doble and it was right on par with the rest of his dances. It was entertaining for sure, but lacked just about everything else. 18

If Andy Dick or D.L. Hughley don't get the boot tomorrow night, I will be shocked. I think it's finally going to be Andy's time to go, he's been in the bottom 2 before. D.L. seems to have a really strong fan base that are keeping him on the floor. If he doesn't go this week, he'll be gone next. 

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