Atlantic Ballroom instructor is impressed with Andy Dick

BALTIMORE - Professional dancer Nikolai Pilipenchuk wasn't surprised that Lisa Vanderpump was eliminated on Tuesday night.

"As the show continues you have to work harder and harder and it just seemed like she was beginning to give up as she needed to get going," he said.  "It is hard work.  You have to put in the effort to get the result."

Even though show is fun, Pilipenchuk says that it is very demanding, mentally and physically.

There are many expectations built for these celebrities and some just can't match them, he said.

But one star that might not be a natural-born dancer has impressed Pilipenchuk.

"I think it is not always just the talent, but the effort that counts," said Pilipenchuck about actor Andy Dick.   "Andy is definitely putting in a lot of effort and deserves to be there."

Because he works hard for it, it could drive even more people to vote for him, he said.

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