A world wind trip from Baltimore to Hollywood and beyond

Trip to LA for DWTS

Baltimore/Los Angeles - The alarm clock went off just before 6 am Sunday morning.   I was packed, anxious but ready to roll.  It was sad at the airport but nearly as horrible as I was anticipating.  Tim told me later she saved the tears for after I was gone.  I was very proud of my 8 year old this morning.

I wasn't so thrilled with the airport.  I was there about an hour and fifteen minutes early with my printed boarding pass in hand.  Luckily I printed it in advance.  BWI was having major computer problems this morning.  They were going in and out at the Southwest ticket counter.  Some people had to wait and have their boarding passes handwritten!  Luckily I was able to scoot through and get to my gate at 805 where Erik Neilsen was anxiously awaiting my arrival.  

We got on the plane and I was hoping to find a few Baltimore folks heading to DWTS.  I even convinced Nicholas the cool flight attendant to hand over the microphone so I could ask the passengers if anyone was going.  No such luck. I met a really nice young lady from Catonsville who now lives in LA.  Her name was Maria and she gave me some suggestions on things to see and places to go while we're here.  

We landed at LAX at 1130 PST.  I'm off the plane for less than 15 minutes and I see a guy who resembles comedian/actor Bill Bellamy.  I said to Erik I know everyone isn't going to be a celebrity, but doesn't that look lke Bill Bellamy.  He said he thought the same thing.  I approached him and said, "has anyone every told you, you look like Bill Bellamy,"  He told me he hears it all the time.  So I said well, are you and he said yes.  Nice guy.  We took a picture with him and I tweeted it out @swoopefromabc2.

We grabbed a cab and checked into our hotel and headed for the Hollywood walk of fame.  We saw Marilyn Monroe's star, Vincent Price, Bob Hope, and Ella Fitzgerald to name a few.  We saw lots of folks celebrating St. Patrick's day probaby like Fells Point or Canton.  There were also some runners wrapping up the Los Angeles marathon.  

Hollywood Boulevard was a major tourist attraction, but the most amazing thing to me was the number of poor and homeless people.  It wasn't like many cities where they seem to blend in, these folks were very visible.  It was really kind of sad.

The weather is absolutely beautiful  No talk of stormy weather like I was hearing about at home before I left.   Tomorrow is the big day, I can't wait to get inside the studio and check out the set of Dancing with the Stars.  I'm looking forward to seeing the show live and finally getting a chance to meet Dorothy Hamill.  I'm hoping she and Jacoby will both break a, rather shake a leg and do Team Baltimore proud!



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