Meetup/signing with Brian Posehn at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis

Saturday, December 22nd, Brian Posehn signed comics promoting the new Deadpool series.

Making the most of his trip to the east coast, Brian Posehn came to Third Eye Comics in Annapolis in between his two shows in Virginia.

Over 300 people waited outside for his signature. We showed up at 10:00AM while some had waited overnight since Friday.

Despite how tired Brian must have been from flying in, doing a show Friday night in VA, then driving to Annapolis Saturday morning, and seeing over 200 people to sign books, by the time I got to meet him he didn't show any signs of weariness. In fact, he was in high spirits and graciously took my questions while signing books.

Do you like these type of events? Do a lot of signings?
I have been. Yeah, I love it. I love meeting the people that are picking up my book. I mean this is one of the coolest things I've gotten to do. Writing for Marvel, so proud of the book too. Just to meet people that are picking it up has been really great.

How much freedom does Marvel give you? Is there any issue or problem to get things approved like using other characters like Dr. Strange?
That has been amazingly easy! The thing that has been tough is we can't use real people for legal reasons. Like I had some jokes where, maybe I wanted to kill the Kardashians' and in real life too, and they wouldn't let me do it in the book. There were some other know that old DC book, Muhammad Ali versus Superman? They did a treasury edition back in the 70's where Muhammad Ali and Superman fought and they used all these real celebrities back in that issue and I wanted to do our take on it with all these modern people and they were like 'No way.' and that was the only thing so far. A big idea that was shot down. Everything else, I mean, the fact that they let us re-kill all the dead presidents has been super cool.

What would you prefer to be known for the most? Your comedy, acting, or writing?
Well stand up is my first love and I wouldn't have gotten to do anything else that I've gotten to do if I hadn't done stand up. And I love that I can write a joke today and I can try it out on stage tonight and get approval or that disapproval.

Creatively, what comes easiest for you out of the three?
Stand up, but I love writing, everything that I write.

Are you familiar Have you heard about the new Deadpool game by Activision? Is that something you'd want to do?
I haven't seen any of it, but I know of it. I can't wait to play it.

Cause I know you did some of the voice over for Halo 2...
And Brutal Legend. Daniel Way helped out on it. We didn't have the job yet when they were doing it. Hopefully they do a sequel and we can get our hands on it.

What do you hope the fans get out of this today?
Out of meeting me? I don't know...Joy? I don't know. That's hard because I hate myself like most comics so. You know? I'm just stoked people like what I do and I'm amazed I have the career that I have.

That concluded our interview. Brian proceeded to sign books well past the time he was supposed to leave (1:00 PM). As of 1:45 PM he was still signing and a long line of fans still waited despite the possibility he might have to leave at any moment for his show in Virginia. 


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