Yahoo outdoes Google in most web traffic

For the first time in more than two years, Yahoo had the most web traffic in the country in July with 196 million visitors.

Search engine Google held that top spot since May of 2011. One thing to consider -the numbers released by web traffic tracker comscore don't include mobile visits.

Apple's newest creation will be available in just a few weeks.. Reports say iTunes radio will launch on September 10th - to coincide with the announcement of the latest iPhone. The tech giant announced the Pandora-like service back in June with no official launch date.

A major milestone for "vine." the popular 6 second video app tweeted that they now have 40 million registered users. That's up from 13 million in June.

And sports fans may no longer need a cable subscription to watch ESPN.  The popular sports network is reportedly in talks with internet TV providers to stream its content through online platforms.

Those are your tech bytes, I'm Diana Perez.


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