"Shallow" Lunar eclipse this Thursday

Will not be visible to North America.

Baltimore, MD -  

A lunar eclipse is expected this Thursday for most of the southern hemisphere. The eclipse is expected to be a "shallow" one meaning only part of the moon will be covered by the inner shadow of the earth. The last partial lunar eclipse this shallow happened in 1958 and won't be topped until 2034.

The eclipse is expected to be visible over Eastern Europe and Africa across the Middle East eastward to Southeast Asia and Western Australia. Unfortunately Maryland and all of North America will not be able to see this eclipse.

Following this lunar eclipse a solar eclipse is expected two weeks later. On May 10 th a solar eclipse will be visible to those throughout the Pacific region.

2013 will have 5 eclipses, 3 lunar and 2 annular. There is no total lunar eclipse for 2013. The next one won't occur until April 15 th 2014 which will be highly visible over the Pacific Rim region.

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