Extra fees attached to gift cards you need to know

Gift card add-on fees

WASHINGTON - Before you rush out to buy those cards, you may want to do a little homework of your own to make sure you're getting what you pay for.

CNN Money reports you could pay as much as $25 or more extra for fees and shipping costs. Bank Rate conducted a survey showing that some bank-issued cards average a $4.50 add-on fee, even more for institutions like American Express and US Bank Visa cards.

There area some ways you can avoid fees. They include looking for e-gift cards that can be sent by email or printed. You can also just go directly to the store to buy the cards.

ABC News' Emily Schmidt provided some key insight to some of the fees attached to gift cards, and it could make you think twice about looking before you buy.

Click on the video link above and take a look.


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