Is Target e-mail legit, or another scam?

Don't Waste Your Money

A number of viewers have contacted us, asking if an email from Target stores is legitimate, or is just the latest email scam.

It is certainly understandable people would be confused and skeptical, given the changing stories about Target's massive holiday season credit card breach, affecting more than 100 million cards.

The email (click here to see it)  apologizes for Target's recent security breach, and offers a free year of credit monitoring.

However, when you click through, you get to Experian's website, which asks for your social security number.

But it is legitimate , and credit monitoring -- if you want it -- always requires your Social Security Number.

Funeral Notice e-mail

But another e-mail many people are receiving, however, is not legitmate....and should be deleted.

It concerns a funeral notice.

The email is titled "passing of your friend," and offers condolences for the death of your friend.
It tells you to click a link for details on the his service.

This one, however, is not legitimate, and rather is a scam to put malware into your computer, and is similar to the recent court notice email scam, telling you to appear in court.

Court Notice e-mail

Another e-mail scam claims to be a court notice, telling you to appear in court to answer charges about you.

It is really designed to trick you into downloading malware, just like the funeral e-mail.

Be very suspicious of any e-mail that does not include your name, so you stay safe.

But the bottom line is the Target e-mail is real, the other two are not. As always, don't waste your money.


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