How to remove annoying Facebook ticker

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Facebook users won't let up in their criticism of the site's new look. And many people are asking: How do you turn the changes off?

The two biggest complaints concern the ticker -- a real life stream of all your friends' postings -- and the updated news feed that decides which posts are more important than others.

The bad news: there is no simple way to turn off these changes in your settings, as thousands of people have now discovered.

How to reduce or remove ticker

The website The Consumerist says:

You can slow the ticker by turning off the "friends of friends" feature, so you see fewer postings.

Also, you can hide the Ticker completely if you use Google's Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox.

Unfortunately, you can't remove it at this point if your browser is Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Of course, that could change if more and more Facebook users continue to complain loudly.

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