Facebook users dislike changes

Don't Waste Your Money

The complaints just won't let up over the new look of Facebook.

Every time Facebook changes users profile page or wall, members grumble.

But this time the grumbles have become an outcry, from members saying "we want our old page back!"

Not like other changes

Facebook makes changes every year, but this latest round is not garnering the goodwill founder Mark Zuckerberg was hoping for.

Its new ticker, updated news feed and timeline are supposed to make Facebook easier to use. But members we spoke with weren't buying it. Sandy Manning told me"we've been talking about it at work, and a lot of people are saying the same thing, they don't like it."

The two big gripes?

1. The constantly moving ticker in the upper right corner, posting friends updates in real time.
2. Facebook's decision to prioritize your news feed, putting items up top that it thinks are most important to you.

Member "J.P" said "I don't know how they can possibly tell what the top posts are because I have really funny friends who aren't on there ever since this change."

"I don't know how they know that, how they know what's important to me," said Mina Grulfes.

The new news feed

Facebook wont explain the algorithm it uses to choose what posts get priority. But experts say here is a likely scenario:

Let's say you like to see updates from your sister about her new baby.

But Facebook may now put updates from a rowdy friend up in front of hers, because your friend's post got a lot more likes and comments, and you have commented on your friend's posts more in the past.

Therefore, Facebook's computers consider the rowdy friend more important than a family member, who gets little reaction.

Most changes can be beset

But the good news is you can disable most of these changes, especially the ticker many people find annoying.

You'll find details in your settings, though it takes some time to figure it out.

As for complaining, remember that Facebook is free: You don't pay for it, so we really don't have a right to, say, demand your money back.

At least you don't waste your money.


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