BGE warns customers of imposters, scams

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company is warning its customers to be wary of imposters posing as BGE representatives in response to a rise in in-person and over-the-phone scams, according to a release.

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"Imposters may even wear "official-looking" clothing and carry fake credentials," the release states. "BGE urges customers to always call BGE at (800) 685-0123 to verify an employee's credentials or with any questions or concerns. If at any time, customers are concerned for their safety, they should contact 911."

BGE wants its customers to know that it no longer accepts cash payments in the field.

Scammers have started targeting BGE customers over the phone.

"The callers claim to represent BGE and tell customers their service is scheduled to be terminated and that they should make a payment by purchasing a ‘Green Dot' Visa credit card," according to the release. "The customers are then directed to call another phone number where information is obtained from the credit card and the monetary value is removed from the card."

To avoid this scam, the company says the customer can ask the caller for name on the account, the account address and the exact past-due balance.

"The safety of our customers and employees is a top priority, and we encourage our customers to be vigilant about their safety in their homes and businesses," Carol Dodson, vice president and chief customer officer for BGE, said in a release. "At times, a BGE representative may require entry into the customer's home, if the entry is requested, the customer should always ask to see photo identification. All BGE employees and contractors carry company identification badges, which should be visible at all times, displaying their name, photograph and identification number." 

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