Beware of $9.84 charge on credit cards

Don't Waste Your Money

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a suspicious charge showing up on many credit card bills that may be connected to the Target security breach.

The BBB says it is receiving complaints of an unusual charge of $9.84 on credit card statements this month.

The security blog Krebs on Security believes hackers from the Target breach, or other recent breaches, may be testing card numbers with an innocent looking charge of $9.84.

A fee of under $10 often flies under the radar, and is not noticed by card holders. It can be a "test" charge to see if a card number is valid, or could be the first of a recurring monthly fee.

It may be listed as "customer support," making the charge looking even more innocent.

But the BBB says if you find this charge, alert your card company immediately, and do not pay it.

Michaels Stores Breach

This comes as yet another retailer -- Michaels Stores -- has told the US Secret Service it may have been a victim of a data breach over the holidays.

Michaels has not said how many customers may have been impacted.

But it may be the third major store, after Target and Neiman Marcus, to be hit by hackers in recent months.

If you recently shopped Michaels, check your statement carefully.

As always, don't waste your money.


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