Police: Movie 'bottle bomb' suspect confessed

LARGO, Md. - Authorities say a Maryland man has confessed to setting off "bottle bombs" at five movie theaters in Virginia and Maryland.

A neighbor of the suspect., Manuel Joyner, at his Bowie home saw investigators carry out evidence on Saturday night.

"Gatorade bottles, computer, lots of bags, lots of things in bags," said Ronald Banks, Joyner's neighbor.

Investigators say the explosions started in March at the Cinemark Theater at Arundel Mills in Anne Arundel  County. Officials say soda bottles filled with acid were detonated between March and May at movie theaters in Montgomery, Prince George's and counties in Maryland and Fairfax County and the city of Alexandria in Virginia. The explosions panicked moviegoers but caused no serious injuries.

"Not the magnitude of what you see in Boston but it still had the potential to produce significant injury," said Fire Chief Michael Cox, Anne Arundel County.

Investigators aren't talking about Joyner's motive, but a search warrant allowed them to arrest the 20-year-old at his job at Home Depot.

"We found multiple items of evidence that were outlined that we were allowed to search," said Acting Battalion Chief Brian Radinsky, Prince George's County.

Joyner is being held on a $50 million bond.

 An attorney who represented Joyner in an unrelated case did not immediately return a message Monday.

*The Associated Press contributed to this story.


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