Baltimore officer charged in Montgomery Co. for killing puppy: police

SILVER SPRING, Md. - Montgomery County police charged a man with felony animal cruelty after an investigation revealed he killed his girlfriend's 7-month-old puppy for repeatedly defecting in his home, according to a release from the department .

Alec Eugene Taylor, 27, of the 13800 block of Castle Blvd., was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and abuse or neglect of an animal. Taylor is also a five-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, which launched an administrative investigation into the incident.  

“Allegations of animal cruelty are taken seriously by the Baltimore Police Department,” Lt. Eric Kowalczyk, a department spokesman, said in a release. “Over the course of the last year significant emphasis has been placed on developing and training investigators to handle animal abuse incidents in Baltimore.”

Taylor was suspended without pay by the department. Online court records show he posted bond and was released from jail.

Taylor’s girlfriend reported the incident to police on Feb. 28. She told officers that Taylor killed her 7-month-old Jack Russell Terrier named Rocko.

Taylor texted his girlfriend that he killed her dog on Feb. 26, according to the police report. In a separate message, he took a picture of what appeared to be a lifeless Jack Russell Terrier and sent it to his girlfriend, Montgomery County police investigators said.

“In a follow-up phone call between the complainant and Taylor, Taylor said that he was tired of cleaning up the dog's defecation and that he had beaten the dog with a mop,” the release from Montgomery County states. “He also said that he had placed the deceased dog in a dumpster in the parking lot.”

The girlfriend asked Taylor to retrieve Rocko from the dumpster so she could bury him. When she arrived home at 6:30 p.m. she took the dog that was placed in a shoebox left on the apartment’s balcony and buried him in a park in Hyattsville.

Authorities obtained an arrest warrant Tuesday. Taylor turned himself in Wednesday morning.

An animal autopsy performed on Rocko revealed he had been beaten and choked to death. Taylor told investigators that he forced Rocko from behind a dryer unit with a mop before choking him to death. 

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