Man attacks 98-year-old woman in her Baltimore County home

A 98-year-old woman is recovering after being attacked inside of her home in Rodgers Forge.

Neighbors say the woman is a long-time resident of the neighborhood. Police say her injuries are serious but not life-threatening.

“We live in a quiet neighborhood. I mean it's a family-friendly, family-oriented neighborhood,” said resident Paige Fritze.

Baltimore County police say several people in the area have reported seeing a suspicious man in the neighborhood over the past several days.  It could be the man who, on Saturday, knocked at the back door of a home on Gaywood Road, offering home improvement services.

The woman told the man to leave, but he came back and managed to talk his way inside.  Some time later police say he became violent.

“She asks him, when is he going to leave her home. At that point he forcefully pushes her down to the ground and leaves the location,” said Cpl. John Wachter of the Baltimore County Police Department.

The woman activated a medical alert device, calling fire crews to the home, and they called police.

Investigators are not sure if anything was taken from the home, and the woman has not been able to tell them whether she was the victim of anything other than being thrown to the ground.

“It's devastating. It's shocking,” Fritze said.

But police do have a decent description of the suspect.

“We've got some description from her and then obviously we've gone and done interviews with neighbors who have given a similar description of the person they've seen in the neighborhood before,” Cpl. Wachter said.

They say the suspect is a white man in his 40s.  He has a tan complexion -- like someone who spends a lot of time outside.  He's 5 feet, 7 or 8 inches tall with a receding hair line and possibly tattoos on his arms.

“Everyone's in shock about it,” Fritze said.  “They want to know what's going on, how the community is going to handle it.”

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Baltimore County Police at 410-307-2020. 

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