Snow threat increasing for Wednesday

Large storm to impact the middle atlantic

BALTIMORE - Mike Masco


Our models since last week have been hinting at the potential for a coastal storm to develop some time Tuesday night into the day on Wednesday. Our forecast models have come into agreement that a few inches of snow is likely with other models indicating close to a foot could fall in parts of Maryland.

Here is a look at the storm system Sunday night. As it moves south and east it will gather strength interacting with warm air over the southern states and cold Canadian air to the North. By Tuesday it will bring snows to Chicago, Indianapolis, Dayton, and Cleveland before redeveloping a coastal low for Wednesday.




Our forecast models range between a few inches to a foot of snow.

This is our SREF model from NOAA. Baltimore is on the top while Frederick , MD is on the bottom. This model runs several times and finds the mean between all of it's members. The early call from this model is several inches for Baltimore with up to a foot for Frederick, MD.