Powerful storms possible Sunday

Abnormally strong storm to bring severe weather

Baltimore, MD - There is growing concern for a severe weather outbreak in Maryland on Sunday. 

Humidity will begin to ramp back up going into this weekend, peaking by Sunday afternoon. With the high humidity will come temperatures in the middle and upper 80s, which will build our storm energy (known as CAPE) allowing for any thunderstorm that develops to become severe rather quickly.

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The Trigger

Like in any classic severe weather situation you will need a trigger or piece of energy that would ignite storms. Out to our west lies a cold front, which will be marching east through the weekend. The closer the front gets the better the chance for storms. Our forecast models at ABC2, show the front sitting just west of the mountains Sunday with a piece of energy (known as a trough line) developing over central Maryland. This will increase the chance for storms any time after 2 p.m. on Sunday (sooner west of Baltimore later east of Baltimore).

Tornado & Hail Threat

The threat for tornadoes and large hail will also be in play Sunday versus your typical garden variety summer thunderstorms. Considering the nature of this abnormally cool air marching south and the clash expected to develop, these storms will grow tall rather abruptly. These storms may tower to 40- 50,000 feet allowing for strong updrafts (air being pulled into the storm). The stronger the updraft the better potential for large hail.

The second thing we will have to watch is the potential for tornadoes.

Maryland will sit on the warm side of a developing area of low pressure. This area of low pressure I call “The Bowling Bowl Of Energy” is rather far south for this time of the year dragging a strong Jetstream (thousands of feet above our head) across the state. This suggests wind shear will be great (possibly nearing 50KT BULK SHEAR). Should this be the case, which is being shown in our modeling at ABC2, these thunderstorms could rotate.

Sunday could become very scary at times. Stay alert to changing weather conditions by downloading our storm shield app. I usually do not push apps but this one is a MUST HAVE. It’s a weather radio that alerts you the minute the national weather service issues a WARNING. Look, we don’t benefit from this .. YOU DO! It keeps your family safe and aware when we are not on Television with you.

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