Polar Vortex and Extreme COLD A Good Thing!

Cold keeping critters away

Baltimore, MD - What a crazy winter it has been! Between the ice and snow and the polar vortex that has plagued the northern US, residents have had enough!

Not everyone is upset with the record shattering cold and way below average winter though. 

Biologists are cheering on the cold in hopes that the polar vortex will continue to help slow the northward march of invasive species. 

The earths temperature has been on the rise since the late 1800s rising to 1.53 degrees by 2012 according to the IPCC. With temperatures climbing, plants and animals that thrive in warmer climates have expanded their reaches further to the north!

Many of these new creatures and invasive pests have done more harm than good by devouring plants and other animals that are native to typical cold regions. 

The warm temperatures have also expanded species populations such as the stink bugs that continue to infest many states in the north.

While subzero weather may reduce the population of pests and slow the rise of new species in unfamiliar territory, it's unlikely to completely eradicate them experts warn.

Many species can adapt to the harsh cold however,  only extended periods of very cold weather during the winter, or subzero weather during the spring will have a real impact on the continued march of invasive species.

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