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The Method To My Madness!

Baltimore, MD - Mike Masco



I think it's finally time to introduce myself and my role here at ABC 2 News! I love ABC 2 and it's mission statement WORKING FOR YOU! I truly believe our station is more committed to serving the community over any other organization! From the fundraising to investigations of malpractice to our comprehensive weather coverage we are truly there for you! 

You may notice I am not your "average" weather guy! Sunny days and mild temperatures are great BUT they are not impactful to the level that cause concern. Essentially you care about the weather that will impact your lifestyle and family in a negative way more than the normal sunny and seasonable forecasts that are more common to our area! My philosophy is to look beyond and beyond to find the most impactful things that I must alert you to and sometimes that means putting out ideas that are 10-15 days away! Maybe some of you think I am nuts! The question always asked to me: How can YOU predict weeks in advance the type of weather we can expect? Well, truthfully it is an educated guess! However, it's based on cold hard science and forecast models that have become amazing accurate in the 10-15 day forecasts.

Long range forecasting started as a hobby the evolved into an obsession for me as I started out in the career. Most of my knowledge was not learned in a book but taken from real world experience, amazing mentors in the field, and professors that spent their time teaching me tricks to forecasting. My understanding of certain patterns that form in Russia, China, and Europe have allowed me to develop theories about storm development over our country. When I mention a storm in the next 10 days it is not merely a GUESS but a theory based on something happening NOW somewhere in the world.

Remember, the weather is connected from one side of the globe to the other! A storm in China will eventually make it to Maryland and a small cluster of storms over India could eventually be responsible for a Hurricane in the Caribbean. Interesting... huh?

I hope you enjoy my spin on the weather I can bring to you. I recognize that we need to become 100% accurate with the 7-Day forecast (which we are pretty darn close to becoming) but I believe it is my duty to give you plenty of lead time to impactful weather that affects your life!

Always feel free to reach out to me on facebook, twitter, and email whenever you have a question.. I will be more than happen to respond.

Best Regards,

Mike Masco



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