Mild & Wild Wednesday Ahead

Temps to run 30 degrees ABOVE normal!

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Wednesday is starting to look wild in respect to the wind, rain, and mild temperatures expected across the state. Tuesday's high temperatures in the low 60s exceeded expectations with many areas touching 70 just south of Baltimore city. A major storm system located over the Midwest tonight is producing tornadoes to blizzard snows and is the reason for our major warm up expected tomorrow. That system will push east allowing for a plethora of weather for Maryland tomorrow.

The Temperatures

Temperatures will spike to around 70 for many tomorrow with a few spots over the northern tier of the state hitting the middle 60s. As a strong low level jet (found a few thousand feet above us) intensifies it will allow for sunshine to come out and temperatures to run some 30 degrees above normal. Our record high tomorrow is 72 degrees which is in jeopardy of falling if we gain full sunshine through the afternoon.








The Wind

The wind will be a HUGE deal going into Wednesday afternoon. As a potent jet stream strengthens it will increase our wind speeds across the state, ranging between 20-30 mph. As you go up in height you will find winds in excess of 80 mph!! Much of that wind will remain well above us however, if a thunderstorm or burst of heavy rain sets up we could tap into some of that wind. It is NOT out of the realm of possibility that we tap into a 50 mph wind gusts (maybe higher) over bay communities and out over the highlands of Maryland.






The storm prediction center in Norman, Oklahoma has issued a Slight Risk region over the metro including much of Maryland for tomorrow. Strong winds are the main issue tomorrow however, the combination of high dew points and warm temperature could combine to produce a few thunderstorms across the area. The hail and tornado risk is low at the moment.





The Cold!

Cold air will follow right after! Temperatures by Thursday will fall into the middle and upper 30s. Thursday night will struggle to get out of the lower 20s (upper teens N & W of Baltimore).

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