Massive Asteroid To Near Earth 12/12/12

Near-Earth Asteroid 4179 Toutatis

Baltimore, MD - Mike Masco

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Be sure to mark 12-12-12 in your calendar for what NASA calls a "potentially hazardous asteroid" makes a fly by earth. The asteroid named 4179 Toutatis is expected to reach earth at its closest approach by 4 million miles, still a range NASA says is too close for comfort.

Toutatis would be the closest asteroid to near earth, "near" being a word used loosely! Toutatis is expected to pass 4.3 million miles away from earth! Asteroids have an erratic behavior to them and while 4.3 million miles is not a short distance away NASA has all eyes on its pass, Wednesday!

Every 4 years 4179 Toutatis makes a close approach to earth since it is inside the same orbit the earth takes. "Toutatis" is around 1.5 miles in width and 2.7 miles long which would make it a global killer should the day come that Earth and Toutatis meet face to face.


courtesy Michael Busch

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