Major blizzard to hit the East coast

Snow could ready 3 feet in some locations.

BALTIMORE - Blizzard alerts continue over portions of the Northeast as a major storm will move into the I 95 corridor Friday morning lasting into Saturday. The National Weather Service is calling this event a HISTORIC STORM as it is expected to dump between 20-35 inches of snow over parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

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The storm will develop a little too late for Maryland to see snow however, heavy rain and gusty winds will accompany this storm for much of Friday. This could present a problem for the evening commute around the state as heavy rain will be falling Friday evening.

The latest forecast models bring heavy snow as far south as central NJ by Friday night with total accumulations for New York City ranging between 8 to 12 inches of snow by Saturday. Officials are warning motorists to avoid travel Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon during the peak of the storm.

In New England, Boston has the potential of seeing a historic blizzard if snow depth reach greater then 25 inches. The city's biggest snowstorm since 1892 was set on February 2003, which registered an impressive 27.5 inches. Boston officials have closed city schools on Friday due to the impending storm.


Boston's TOP Snow Storms

1. February 17-18, 2003
27.5 inches

2. February 6-7, 1978
27.1 inches

3. February 24-27, 1969
26.3 inches

4. March 31-April 1, 1997
25.4 inches

5. January 22-23, 2005
22.5 inches

6. January 20-21, 1978
21.4 inches

7. March 3-5, 1960
19.8 inches

8. February 16-17, 1958
19.4 inches

9. February 8-10, 1994
18.7 inches

10. December 20-22, 1975


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