Isaac Rapidly Strengthening Hurricane Warning For New Orleans

Isaac Poses A Threat to New Orleans


By Mike Masco, ABC 2 Meteorologist

Isaac is well underway to becoming a hurricane in the next 24 hours. The 8 pm report from hurricane hunters show Isaac's central pressure has dropped and winds have increased to 65 mph as it becomes better organized over the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico.

Isaac's satellite presentation tonight has become better looking as deep convection  beginning to surround the center of the system (something Isaac has lacked since the beginning).

Isaac will be moving over a highly utilized region of the Gulf of Mexico that is littered with oil rigs. Prices at the pump are sure to rise significantly in the next 24 hours in response to Isaac's potential impacts. Tuesday will mark the 7th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which many Louisianians and Mississippians are still recovering from !!