Geminid Meteor Shower Lights Up The Sky Tonight

Brilliant display of shooting stars expected!

BALTIMORE, MD - Mike Masco


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Professional stargazers and average spectators rejoice! The Geminids meteor shower is expected to put on a brilliant show tonight over Maryland! The meteor shower will peak tonight with the moon shifting towards its new phase. Weather and sky conditions tonight will cooperate making for a great display! Experts are expecting 100 or more meteors per hour to dance across our skyline.

The name Geminids shower is the result of earth moving through the debris field of the comet Wirtanen, which has never happened before! Experts say this shower could certainly over perform itself!

As a bonus to the scheduled meteor shower, dust left behind from the Wirtanen (Comet) could create an additional 30 meteors per hour says Bill Cooke of the space agency's Meteoroid Environment Office.

The shooting stars will be visible to the naked eye so the use for binoculars are not needed. 


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